Gary and Pat Huenke - Closer To Him Ministries
Gary and Pat Huenke are preaching and teaching evangelists who were “commissioned” and “sent out” to the Northwest in 1998 by Pastor John Kilpatrick of Brownsville Assembly of God after being radically changed by Holy Spirit in the Brownsville Revival.

Before they moved to Oregon, Gary and Pat were part of the ministry team at Brownsville Assembly of God; they were Outreach Ministry Directors, Sunday school teachers, Prayer Team members, they coordinated and taught the water baptism class to literally thousands of people who came to be water baptized each Friday evening of the Brownsville Revival. Both Gary and Pat served as Escambia County Jail Chaplains and ministered in Soup Kitchens and Youth Detention Centers in Pensacola.

In 1998, both Gary and Pat were ordained by Pastor Ken Sumrall to serve as missionary evangelists to the Northwest. After Pastor Ken passed away, they incorporated into Pastor Buford Lipscomb’s Cell and continued to attend the yearly conference meetings held in Pensacola as their ministry schedule permitted.

Gary and Pat have ministered in many different churches in the Northwest during the past twenty years of full-time ministry to include churches in Oregon, California, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, as well as Florida, Alabama, Vermont and Georgia. This couple has a huge heart for overseas missions, having ministered and traveled internationally to Japan, China, India, Sri Lanka, Guam, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, as well as in Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico and the Philippine Islands. During the last three years we have ministered in Africa conducting outdoor evangelistic crusades and conducting Pastors Conferences in the villages of Eastern Africa.

Gary and Pat are truly a “ministry team” as both preach and teach the Word of God with passion and purpose. The Huenkes continue to be faithful to God’s call on their lives, teaching and preaching the Word with holy fire, compassion, and genuine joy. Gary has been involved with the Teen Challenge program since 1997 and currently teaches in the two Teen Challenge Centers in the Portland area each month. Additionally, Gary teaches in the Pensacola Teen Challenge Center when visiting Pensacola, as well as in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda during their overseas mission’s trips.

The Huenkes continue to encourage pastors and leaders to stay prepared for the return of our soon-coming King, to live a life of holiness, and stay committed to the individual call the Lord has placed on their lives.

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